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Shields Up! Defend Your Pet Against Vector-Borne Diseases

The enemy is approaching by wing and on foot, and your beloved pet is locked in their sights. Summer is here, and so are mosquitoes and ticks, bringing disease and illness. With big guns like heartworm and Lyme disease increasing in frequency every year, putting your pet in a bunker doesn’t seem safe enough—surely a [...]

Rules of the Box: 7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Inside the Litter Box

If your cat refuses to use their litter box, you may be at your wit’s end with their stubborn behavior. However, your cat is simply trying to communicate that something is amiss, whether it’s litter box hygiene, placement, or even litter type. Other times, your cat may be suffering from a serious medical issue that [...]

6 Facts You Never Knew About Pet Allergies

#1: Your allergic pet will not need a tissue When pets suffer from allergies, they do not have a runny nose or itchy, watery eyes.  Allergic pets are excessively itchy and will scratch, rub, chew, and lick incessantly.  They will be extremely restless and unsettled because of their discomfort. The extreme grooming may cause hair [...]

7 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Pets

Pets and kids seem like a match made in heaven, but the communication gap between the two often causes accidents. Set your two- and four-legged children up for a successful relationship by teaching your children the best ways to interact with their furry pals. Here are seven tips from the Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs [...]

Pet-Proofing Your Home: Brutus’ Basics

Pets, especially puppies and kittens, are naturally inquisitive. While your pet’s curious antics may be endearing, they can also land them in the hospital. Our Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs team is here to help if your pet tangles with a pet hazard, but we would prefer they stay healthy and happy. Listen in as [...]

Heart Disease and Your Pet

The heart is the center of your pet’s circulatory system, with the sole purpose of delivering blood to every body part. Electrical impulses stimulate the heart to beat approximately 100,000 times per day, with valves that open and close with heartbeat contractions and move blood through the four heart chambers. The heart’s two right chambers [...]

Snow and Sun: How to Stay Active with Your Pet Year-Round

“Great, another blizzard is in the forecast. My dog and I have had enough of winter already,” you think to yourself. Disappointment sets in because the chilly temperatures and upcoming snowfall mean you won’t get to explore that new trail with your canine companion. Instead, you bundle up on the couch for another Netflix binge [...]

Managing Arthritis in Cats and Dogs

Arthritis, which is also known as degenerative joint disease, is particularly common in aging pets, although the condition also occurs in younger animals after an orthopedic injury. Arthritis begins when inflammation occurs in one or multiple joints, and over time, progresses to cartilage damage, decreased joint space, joint swelling, abnormal bone deposition, and pain. Owners [...]

Why is My Pet So Thirsty? Diabetes Mellitus in Pets 101

Meet Ralph, a long-haired kitty who is not all fur, despite what his owners think. This hefty cat weighs in at a whopping 18 pounds, but has been dropping weight in spite of his voracious appetite. He’s also been soaking his litter box with giant wet spots, and draining his water dish dry. Concerned about [...]

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