7 Startling Facts About Feline Arthritis

The feline species is generally lauded for its mysterious and elusive nature—how cats not only conceal their inner lives but their physical selves, as well. Cat lovers worldwide appreciate and respect the reality that they likely will never fully understand their four-footed friends. But, although a cat’s preference for privacy is admirable, their instinctive need [...]

Preventing Behavior Problems in Puppies

If you’ve recently welcomed home a new puppy, or are preparing for one, you’ll want to start them off on the right paw. Puppies thrive with a safe puppy-proof space, predictable access to resources (e.g., elimination locations, food, water, and toys), and positive social interactions. Check out this basic guide to preventing four common puppy [...]

Why Can’t My Veterinarian See Me? Your Questions, Answered

You are used to calling your veterinarian to schedule an appointment for your pet, and getting in in a day or two. However, appointments now may be scheduled weeks or months ahead, depending on the care your pet needs, and how overwhelmed your veterinary practice is at the moment. Why is seeing a veterinarian as [...]

Pet Arthritis 101: What Every Pet Owner is Aching to Know

From puppyhood or kittenhood, to their grey muzzle years, our pets are family, and constant, loyal companions. Many pets are workout buddies, and your feline companion is often the perfect alarm clock, ensuring you don’t miss a morning workout, or their breakfast. Pets have unique ways of communicating. Subtle signs or behavior changes may indicate [...]

Shields Up! Defend Your Pet Against Vector-Borne Diseases

The enemy is approaching by wing and on foot, and your beloved pet is locked in their sights. Summer is here, and so are mosquitoes and ticks, bringing disease and illness. With big guns like heartworm and Lyme disease increasing in frequency every year, putting your pet in a bunker doesn’t seem safe enough—surely a [...]

Rules of the Box: 7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Inside the Litter Box

If your cat refuses to use their litter box, you may be at your wit’s end with their stubborn behavior. However, your cat is simply trying to communicate that something is amiss, whether it’s litter box hygiene, placement, or even litter type. Other times, your cat may be suffering from a serious medical issue that [...]

Take a “Shot” at our Pet Vaccination Quiz

September 28, 2020, 5:55 a.m. Dear Diary, My eccentric owner woke me up this morning by singing “Happy Rabies Day to you” to the tune of “Happy Birthday,” in honor of today being World Rabies Day. She then informed me that this particular day is focused on raising awareness about rabies prevention. Yawn. Rabies smabies. [...]

The Low Down on Leptospirosis in Dogs

You may not think twice when you see your dog swimming in a pond, or lapping up water from a stream, but both of these actions could put them—and you—at risk for contracting leptospirosis, a disease caused by the spiral-shaped bacterium, Leptospira. This disease can affect most mammals, but is more commonly seen in cattle, [...]

Fireworks Don’t Have to Be Frightful for your Furry Friend

Noise aversion (i.e., a fear of loud noises, such as fireworks or storms) affects approximately one third of pets. Since July Fourth is often accompanied by fireworks, these celebrations provoke anxiety in noise averse pets, and their loving owners. However, our Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs team has an arsenal of tools to help you [...]

5 Pet Safety Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

As the temperature climbs, and the dog days of summer approach, keep these five tips in mind to ensure your furry friends are cool, comfortable, and safe. #1: Don’t leave your dog in the car Letting your dog ride along while you run errands is tempting, but the car can quickly become a hot death [...]

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