Stay-cation—7 Steps to a Safe and Successful Boarding Experience

No matter how much you love your pet, you can’t always take them with you. Whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, or an unexpected emergency, knowing where you’ll board your dog or cat and what you can expect can minimize travel-related stress for you and your pet. Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs is proud to [...]

Microchipping—Permanent Identification for Pets

No pet owner wants to think of their beloved cat or dog getting lost, but you should not ignore this reality. No matter how well-trained your pet, you never know when they may get loose. Whether your pet is frightened by a sound, enticed by a scent, or simply curious about something on the other [...]

Killer Mosquitoes: Heartworm Disease in Pets

April showers bring May flowers—and, unfortunately, increased mosquito populations. Most areas across the United States deal with mosquitoes during the moist spring and summer months, but some warmer climates deal with them year-round. These pesky critters are not only an annoyance, but can also transmit heartworms to our pets.  April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Your Pet From Common Toxins

Food and household items are common sources of toxins for pets, potentially leading to significant health consequences, including death. Our Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs team doesn’t want your pet to be poisoned, and we provide do’s and don’ts to help you safeguard your four-legged friend. DO know what items are toxic to pets Educate [...]

4 New Year’s Resolution To Enhance Your Pet’s Health in 2023

Make 2023 your pet’s healthiest, happiest year yet. New Year’s resolutions aren’t only for people, and you might want to consider setting goals that focus on your pet. Our Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs team gives pet-friendly New Year’s resolutions two paws up! Read our four easy ideas to jump-start your pet’s health.   #1: Ensure [...]

10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pet

Holidays are stressful, and sometimes we get so caught up in the whirlwind that we put our pets’ needs on the back burner. Making time for your pets during the holidays can strengthen your bond, and provide a much-needed respite from the craziness. Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs believes that celebrating with your pets can [...]

The Top 3 Most Common Thanksgiving Hazards for Pets

As Thanksgiving approaches, you’re likely counting your blessings, with your pet’s companionship at the top of your list. Naturally, you want to include your furry pal in all the holiday activities, but several key Thanksgiving hazards may pop up that require protection for your pet. Watch out for the following three common Thanksgiving dangers. #1: [...]

Back to Basics: A Pet Owners Owner’s Guide to Intervertebral Disc Disease

Many people are familiar with nagging, often debilitating, back pain. A tender spot or ache can impact your daily activities, decreasing your ability to complete everyday tasks, including driving. Our pets can also experience painful back problems that affect their ability to walk or eliminate properly, and decrease their overall quality of life. Although our [...]

7 Factors for Evaluating Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

As your pet reaches old age, your thoughts may turn to the inevitable—the passing of your beloved companion—and knowing the end is near is difficult to process. Many quality-of-life assessment tools are available to help you objectively evaluate your senior pet’s quality of life by assessing their happiness and comfort level, and to prevent unnecessary [...]

How To Avoid The Back-To-School Blues: Pet Edition

When school’s out, you and your kids may spend much more time at home, which is great news for your pet, because they spend little to no time at home alone, go on lots of walks, and participate in fun summer activities. Unfortunately, when summer ends, your pet is forced to accept a sudden, stressful [...]

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