Human Medications Dangerous to Pets

Many pet owners do not suspect that they are storing dangerous items in their homes. Some items that owners are least likely to consider harmful for pets are human medications, but if you feed your pet your painkiller, for example, you are hurting rather than helping. Also, curious dogs and cats who eat your pills [...]

The Root of the Problem: Periodontal Disease in Pets

Despite dental disease (i.e., periodontal disease) being common in pets, you may be unaware that your furry pal has this condition until their signs become advanced. To learn how to prevent your pet from developing periodontal disease, read our Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs team’s guide to periodontal disease basics.  What is periodontal disease in [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping Your Pet Safe During Cold Weather

As the temperature drops, you may have questions about how to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable in the cold. Low temperatures, snow, and ice can be challenging, and these weather conditions can pose serious threats to your pet’s health and safety. Our Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs team answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) [...]

Enjoy a Safe Holiday Season with Your Pet

As the year’s end draws near, you may think you’ve made it through without experiencing any pet-related calamities. However, you must still help your pet navigate the fraught holiday season unscathed. To help your pet avoid a veterinary emergency during the end-of-year holidays, follow our Animal Clinic of Council Bluff team’s tips for keeping your [...]

Pets and Pancreatitis

The holidays are around the corner, and you should become aware of pancreatitis, a painful and potentially life-threatening pet condition that can be triggered if they ingest fatty foods. Our Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs team provides information about pancreatitis and explains how you can reduce your furry pal’s risk. Your pet’s healthy pancreas To [...]

5 Signs from Your Pet that They Need a Vet

Pet owners share a special bond with their animal companions, and over the years, they become attuned to their pet’s quirks, habits, and personality. You may be quite adept at distinguishing your dog’s playful tail wiggle from the wag that means they’re nervous and the particular purr your cat makes when she’s feeling extra affectionate. [...]

Slowing the Clock on Chronic Kidney Disease in Pets

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common progressive condition that affects dogs and cats. Sadly, most pets don’t begin to show signs of illness until 75% of their kidneys are destroyed, resulting in the need for more intense supportive care and reduced survival times. Fortunately, a new screening test is available at the Animal Clinic [...]

Give Your Pet an At-Home Spa Day

You may think that nothing is more relaxing than a spa day. However, for your pet, some grooming tasks are stressful, so undergoing a bath, nail trim, and anal gland expression in their familiar home environment can alleviate much of their anxiety. However, performing these common grooming tasks yourself may give you pause, so to [...]

10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool and Safe This Summer

Summertime is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family, four-legged pals included. However, your pet can run into all sorts of summer trouble and you must be prepared to keep them safe during warmer months. Follow our team’s guide for summertime safety, so you and your furry friend can make the most of the [...]

Stay-cation—7 Steps to a Safe and Successful Boarding Experience

No matter how much you love your pet, you can’t always take them with you. Whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, or an unexpected emergency, knowing where you’ll board your dog or cat and what you can expect can minimize travel-related stress for you and your pet. Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs is proud to [...]

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