Dear Valued Clients:

To begin, I want to reassure everyone that at this time there is no evidence of COVID-19 spreading to our pets or having transmitted by our pets. We will be following the CDC and the American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines and if any changes occur, we will pass along that information.

We are planning to remain open but will be modifying how we operate in order to maximize safety for everyone including our pets. As of now we will continue to see all types of appointments (Wellness, Illness, and surgery) but we may need to modify that if necessary due to changing conditions. First and foremost, if you have any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 (Fever, Cough) or feel ill please call our office se we can figure out a plan to best help you and your pet. We all need to continue to use common sense.

Starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020 we will not be allowing our clients or general public into the clinic. Once you have made an appointment, we will ask that when you arrive at the office that you call us and let us know you have arrived. Our staff will be taking histories and collecting all pertinent information over the phone and then we will come outside to bring your pet into the clinic for any treatments/procedures. Doctors will discuss any findings or recommendations over the phone or by a take home sheet. Once we have completed the exam and any treatments, one of our staff will bring your pet and any products back out to your vehicle. We would ask that payments be made with credit cards over the phone whenever possible to eliminate the handling of cash and checks.

For any prescription refills, products or pet food we ask that you contact our office in advance so that we can have your order ready and take payment over the phone. We will again ask that you call the office once you arrive so we can bring it out to your vehicle. For the Council Bluffs Location please call 712.323.0939 upon arrival. For the Glenwood Location please all 712.527.9454 upon arrival.

Please have patience with us as we change and get accustomed to this new workflow to increase safety for our community. Please understand that these protocols may need to change as new developments arise. Be aware that these changes may result in longer hold times when calling in and longer wait times for appointments. Thank you for you continued support and understanding as we strive to provide the best medical care for our patients, a safe experience for clients and a healthy work environment for our staff.

Yours in Health,

The Doctors and staff of The Animal Clinic

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