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Veterinary Care Services We Offer In Glenwood & Council Bluffs

At both the Animal Clinic of Council Bluffs and Glenwood Veterinary Clinic, our team is dedicated to helping animals large and small achieve lifelong health. That's why our Council Bluffs and Glenwood veterinarian staff offers a range of services that allow us to diagnose, treat, and prevent a wide variety of pet health conditions. 

Services Offered By Our Council Bluffs Veterinarian Team

Our Glenwood and Council Bluffs veterinarian team offers a variety of comprehensive vet services and advanced treatments to meet your pet's needs:

Pet Exams

We encourage all local pet owners to bring their animal in for a comprehensive pet wellness exam at least once a year, so our vet can review its current and past medical history, perform a complete physical exam, treat and prevent diseases, and address any concerns you may have.


Whether you're headed out of town or welcoming guests, our boarding facility offers spacious, comfortable, and supervised housing for dogs and cats (boarded separately).

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinating your animal against common illnesses--including rabies, Lyme disease, and kennel cough--is one of the most important contributors to a long, healthy, happy pet life. 

Parasite Prevention

Fleas, ticks, and other parasites carry bacteria and diseases that can harm your pet--some of which are transmissible from animal to human. Our vets will help you select the right parasite prevention medication based on your animal's breed, size, and unique needs.


Our pet dentist staff knows that your animal's oral health is closely linked with its overall wellness and longevity. Keep your pet's teeth, gums, and jaw clean and disease-free with regular teeth cleanings and pet dental exams, performed under general anesthesia to keep your pet comfortable and safe.


A microchip is a small and easy-to-insert permanent identification tag that significantly increases your chance of recovering your animal in the unlikely but stressful event that it goes missing.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are special because they are "undifferentiated," meaning they can grow into any type of cell. This innovative and state-of-the-art therapy uses stem cells derived from your pet's own fat tissue to re-grow and repair arthritic joints, damaged tendons, and more.

Digital Radiology

Digital X-ray imaging is more precise, easier to share with all necessary team members and specialists, and exposes your animal to less radiation compared to traditional x-rays; we use this technology to diagnose a variety of conditions including bones, tumors, bladder stones, foreign object ingestion, and more.

Digital Dental Radiology

We can also use this advanced technology to assess the integrity and health of your pet's teeth and jaw bones, and can detect problems such as broken or infected teeth, oral tumors, and jaw fractures.

Ultrasound and Echocardiogram

Our vets are skilled in reading special test results like ultrasound and echocardiograms (which uses sound waves to visualize tissue inside your pet's body) to non-invasively identify or rule out the hidden causes of your pet's health condition.

Laser Surgery

Surgical incisions made with a laser (versus a traditional sharp instrument) are generally more precise, which means less pain, less bleeding, and faster recovery for your animal.

Laboratory Diagnostics

Your animal's body always offers clues as to what's going on. Our vet team can run quick, thorough, and simple analyses of your pet's blood work to identify or rule out underlying problems including anemia, hormonal disorders, and more.

Are You A Pet Owner? Call Us Today To Meet with a Veterinarian Glenwood & Council Bluffs Communities Can Depend On

Our animal clinics are the place to go to find a veterinarian Council Bluffs, Glenwood, and surrounding areas can count on. From pet exams to pet vaccinations to advanced treatments including laser surgery and lab diagnostics, we're proud to offer the best of what animal medicine can be. Call us today at (712) 323-0598 to schedule your appointment.

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